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Archive for September, 2004

Cycling In October

After 9? months I’m still here in New Zealand but not for much longer as next week I’m catching a Deutch cargo ship to Oz. I should have been mid-Tasman Sea by now but seems das boote has got a bit lost or something or taken a wrong turning somewhere mid-Pacific. My passage to Oz […]

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Upside Down Update

Have now been cycling in variable degrees of uprightness Downunder for nigh on nine months. So far have been spat at, shouted at, run off the road, blown off the road, soaked, sunburnt, frozen, hailed on, snowed on, starved, over-fed, over-charged, under-charged, over a possum (a dead one), under a possum (a tree-climbing one), bitten, […]

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NZ to OZ

Josie is leaving New Zealand for Australia on 27th September! She’s found a boat to take her there and wants to see and cycle as much of that part of the world as possible while she she has the chance. She’s starting in Melbourne, then cycling round Tasmania, probably to Brisbane and after that . […]

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