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Archive for February, 2012

Nihola Gaying on snowy school runs and Holland bike talk

?The weather is all over the place on our Nihola Gaying school runs. Only a short while back we were sliding through the snow (here’s Molly arming herself with a nicely moulded snowball to lob at any errant motorist driving too fast past our snow-ploughing charabanc)?while today I was peeling off layers down to shorts […]


Big trikes, small trikes, frozen trikes

For those who read my ‘Mrs Toyota Landcruiser’?post (and thank you to those who did! Liz, am glad you and your son survived the mud-splashing soaking – it’s amazing how some motorists will slow for nothing, not even children) she continues to drive past us every morning with her entourage of gadget-fiddling children. She still […]

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