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HOLLAND! And yes I’m still here – here that is, not Holland.

Thank you to all concerned parties inquiring after my whereabouts due to lack of website updates. Since returning home in September from my summer cycling jaunt in the ?Never Netherlands (as Daisy calls it) I’ve been here (and not there) and have been busy writing articles and my next book and chasing after children. In […]


Rolling on a Rohloff, potty travels and President of Vice

For any bike boffins – here’s a quick boffin update: a few months ago my first Roberts (a ‘hot pink’ one which I first sat upon in late ’88) underwent a facelift care of Chas and Brian at Roberts Cycles. It is now a shiny bruised bashed-about-looking blue-black with a Rohloff hub. My Shimano XT […]


Unicam Therapeutic Pedal Systems

As mentioned in Josie’s update of July 12th, Paul Butterworth, manager of Unicam Therapeutic Pedal Systems, made Josie a special pedal a few years ago when her knee went wonky. The photos show a Unicam pedal in detail, and Darren using one of the pedal systems which allows him to ride a bike despite severe […]

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