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Nihola Trike Tramping and Camping across Suffolk for CTC Birthday Ride fun and frolics

Am just back from a mercy dash triking-biking session across Suffolk to the impressively imposing Framlingham College where I was asked to give a bike talk at CTC’s Birthday Rides. The Birthday Rides is a yearly event that celebrates the formation of the club in 1878.? Being a birthday event there was a birthday cake […]


Floods, Gales, Talks and Bad Driving Crash Survivors

And so to December. So far so wet. I know I should be showing you pictures of cycling through flooded lands and rivers in spate but instead I’ve gone for more festively traditional cold scenes by harking back to my time cycling through New Zealand in winter.

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Danger: Live Apparatus On Board!

A VERY LATE NEWS FLASH!! Rumour has it that my first book The Wind in my Wheels was on Radio 4 ‘A Good Read’ on Tuesday 24th February 4.30 p.m. and will be repeated again on Friday 27th February at 11.00 p.m. Seems they might be discussing the finer details of one’s bottom bracket. Danger: […]

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Danger: Live Apparatus on board!

Goodbye rain and hello snow! Rain is fine (if a little wet) but it’s not quite as conducive to cycling as the cold burst we had for most of December and half of January. Apart from being like an ice rink in places I found the lengthy burst of icy weather as near as perfect […]

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Three Generations on Two Wheels

Well, here we are ? three generations cycling around the exotic delights of the Isle of Wight on two bikes. Top of the chronological scale comes Granny Dew who, perched at the right side of 80 (but only just), is amazing the younger members of the fleet by managing to cycle up the majority of […]

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Crossing the Bedroom Pacific …

I am pleased to announce that I have finally made it to New Zealand after spending several longwinded months rowing single-handedly across the Pacific of my bedroom floor (see February update for explanation). This has resulted in me sinking up to the gunwales in 80,000 watery words. These water-words are now riding at anchor on […]

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A Postcard From Home

Just in case anyone is wondering what happened to March – so am I. Isn’t it strange how sometimes you can sweep a whole month under the carpet without even realizing? In fact, did anyone even notice March? Maybe there wasn’t one. Maybe March decided to not so much march as walk – clean out […]

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Just in case you?re wondering why I?m sending you a picture of a boat instead of a bike, that?s because I?ve taken up boating. Well, not exactly boating, rowing. But unlike this postcard, I?m not rowing in a boat on a nice bit of water. In fact I?m not even in a boat. I?m simply […]

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New Year Update

The trouble with trying to write a book is the trouble of trying to get around to writing it. I would far rather spend all day riding my bike ? or even bailing out my tent ? but seeing as I?ve just spent the past year performing both of these activities, there comes a time […]

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Festive Greetings

Just thought I’d send a non-news update and to say Merry Festiveness and all that sort of thing. I haven’t got a lot of action to report, though happily my knee has flopped back into position and I’m now pounding the pedals again to make up for lost time / miles. At least I was […]

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