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Four on a Fourteen-foot bike from France to Holland (via Belgium)

As usual I’m a few months behind posting up snapshots of my cycling jaunts but hopefully you will get the gist of where I was and who I was with and what it was like when we were there. So here’s what happened: Last July, a week before school broke up, I thought I’d better […]


Four on a fourteen-foot bike around the Channel Islands.

Earlier this year (Easter school holidays) I loaded half a ton of kit plus my merry mob of 3 children (Molly 10, Daisy 6 and Jack 3 ) onto my Circe Helios triplet electric assist contraption which, with the Burley trailer attached, is 14-feet long – about as long as a Range Rover, and off […]


Isle of Wight Coast Path by Bike and Pram – Part 3.

At the entrance to a farm campsite we met an intriguingly friendly Dutch couple. The husband was riding a touring bike but his wife was riding a self- designed electric recumbent. She told me why. ? Several years ago she’d ?had a serious car crash which left her disabled. She had been very active but […]


The family steed gets longer and the Isle of Wight coast-path-by-bike-and-pram-saga continues…

Q. How many people can you get on a bike? A. A whole army! Here are slightly fewer bodies on my latest steed – a Circe Helios Steps e-bike. Fun for all the family! When Jack brings a friend home for a play we can now get 5 on a bike. (P.S. Just in case […]


School or Sea?

As last Christmas wasn’t the most successful Christmas I’ve ever had (Daisy caught 2 sick bugs in 2 weeks and dad suddenly died 2 days before Santa and his merry flock of reindeers landed on the roof) the two week school holiday disappeared without ever much feeling like a holiday. With Molly and Daisy due […]


HOLLAND! And yes I’m still here – here that is, not Holland.

Thank you to all concerned parties inquiring after my whereabouts due to lack of website updates. Since returning home in September from my summer cycling jaunt in the ?Never Netherlands (as Daisy calls it) I’ve been here (and not there) and have been busy writing articles and my next book and chasing after children. In […]


Shipwrights Way to the South Downs Way to Holland!

At the top of this year I was 50! 50 suddenly sounds quite old but when Molly reminds me I’m now half an antique it sounds even older. Luckily though, when I get on my bike, I still feel about 10. People kept asking me am I going to have a party? I said no, […]


Three on a bike plus one on a bike round the Isle of Wight!

Last summer I was going to cycle around Holland with Jack and the girls. But then at the eleventh hour? 5 year-old Daisy came down with appendicitis (which initially the hospital misdiagnosed) so I had to abandon mission as Daisy spent the first 3 weeks of the summer holidays in and out of hospital. With […]


Resurfacing from the hack job

Just in case anyone was wondering where my website had gone or why it now looks a bit different this is because it was hacked into last year which sent the whole jolly shebang awry. Why anyone wants to spend time hacking into a few pictures of bicycles is beyond me but obviously someone, somewhere, […]


Wooden knees, wooden bikes, bikes on trikes, snow on trikes and Bosham bikes.

Keeping to the tradition of forgetting to update my website here are a few snapshots that I’ve kept meaning to stick up on this page for many-a-blue-moon: After this last picture was taken my left knee went up the shoot. One minute it felt like a lovely knee and the next it refused to bend […]

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