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Shipwrights Way to the South Downs Way to Holland!

At the top of this year I was 50! 50 suddenly sounds quite old but when Molly reminds me I’m now half an antique it sounds even older. Luckily though, when I get on my bike, I still feel about 10. People kept asking me am I going to have a party? I said no, […]


Three on a bike plus one on a bike round the Isle of Wight!

Last summer I was going to cycle around Holland with Jack and the girls. But then at the eleventh hour? 5 year-old Daisy came down with appendicitis (which initially the hospital misdiagnosed) so I had to abandon mission as Daisy spent the first 3 weeks of the summer holidays in and out of hospital. With […]


Resurfacing from the hack job

Just in case anyone was wondering where my website had gone or why it now looks a bit different this is because it was hacked into last year which sent the whole jolly shebang awry. Why anyone wants to spend time hacking into a few pictures of bicycles is beyond me but obviously someone, somewhere, […]


Wooden knees, wooden bikes, bikes on trikes, snow on trikes and Bosham bikes.

Keeping to the tradition of forgetting to update my website here are a few snapshots that I’ve kept meaning to stick up on this page for many-a-blue-moon: After this last picture was taken my left knee went up the shoot. One minute it felt like a lovely knee and the next it refused to bend […]


Operation Pram Push resurfaces again at last! (last updated January 25th 2015)

One minute it’s July and the next it’s January – at least it is in my website world. Sorry to take so long to report back on pram-pushing shenanigans along the South Downs Way. My excuse for such tardiness? Ill parents, ill children, ill-functioning computer, internet service that keeps going up the shoot in this […]


Operation Pram Push – The Walking Wagon Arrives! And so does the Mountain Buggy buggy – otherwise known as the Operation Pram Push pushchair. (This update: July 21st 2014)

Thank you to anyone who would like to sponsor us at: Or you can text: DCTC08 – followed by the amount of your donation to 70070 Eg: DCTC08 ?5 to 70070 ADDED EXTRA: OPERATION PRAM PUSH UPDATE JULY 21ST 2014


Operation Pram Push (aka Operation Walking Wagon)

PS. A very big thank you to Marcel and Gerjan at for sponsoring our jolly jaunt (at least we hope it’s going to be jolly – it will certainly be a little tricky) along the South Downs and for providing us with 2 of their fine Rambler Explorers). PPS. A big thank you also […]


Operation Pram Push (Number 2)

The pram-pushing plan so far: To push young Jack (who will be 11 months old by the time we set off on Operation Pram Push) in a pram the 100-mile length of the South Downs Way during Molly’s summer school holidays (start date: about 25th July. Finish date: end of August/beginning of September). If the […]


Operation Pram Push

Before I gave birth to my small fleet of mini cyclists I never used to plan, I just let things happen. I would be cooking away (I used to be a cook) or writing away (I used to write more than I do now) when I’d suddenly just fancy heading off on my bike with […]


A new year with a new-ish baby on a not-so-new trike-bike. (Plus bike talk Olympia London 25th January 2014).

PS:?? I forgot to say I’ll be giving a bike talk next weekend at The Adventure Travel Show at Olympia in London Saturday 25th January 2014 at 15.30-16.00 in the Adventure Auditorium. To buy tickets for ?6 (saving ?4 off the door price) just quote ‘JOSIE DEW’ when buying online at or when calling: […]

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