Much as I would like to cycle everywhere all of the time it’s proving more and more difficult to do with three children in tow who only either want to cycle some places some of the time or no places none of the time. This means I still cycle most places most of the time but when it comes to their holidays I try to compromise instead. Hence, this Easter I went on travels with a pogo stick instead of a bike.

Leaving Gary in his element (making windows in his workshop) I piled Molly, Daisy and Jack into our rusty, leaking 26-year-old camper van and off we took to Corfe Castle, visiting Nanny Val (Gary’s mum) en-route in Blandford. We found a place to camp near a pile of bushes outside Corfe with some roe deer and their fawn as company. The camper stayed motionless for a week while we walked miles and miles among the glories of the Isle of Purbeck hills and coast. Along with the Isle of Wight, this is the first place I cycle-toured with gusto from the age of 11 to 15 and I will never tire of the place. Give me a Dancing Ledge any time of year and I’m happy.

Just heading off on my morning’s pogo-stick session.

Keeping to the good old tradition of travelling light.

Corfe of course!

The young tribe bearing down on Corfe.

Jack contemplating launching himself over the side.

There he goes.

Stepping down to Dancing Ledge.

Stepping into Dancing Ledge.

Daisy attempting a selfie.

Jack bucket-dancing at Dancing Ledge.

Molly engrossed in teaching herself a seaside spot of crocheting.

Purbeck cliff-top loveliness.

Cosy sardines in a motorised can.

Night-dwelling with a crocheting Molly and Daisy (their new-found fad). Jack’s in his upper sleeping shelf quarters watching Thomas the Tank Engine.