Well, that’s Feb half term done and dusted. It rained and it rained and it rained and then it rained again and then there was a rare glimmer of sun so I put the sheets out and then it hailed. And then it rained. I think the highlight was going litter-picking in the roadside muddy ditches with Daisy and Jack and finding 2 big-cupped bras. (Anyone out there missing any?).

Another highlight was cycling to the dump to get rid of an old kitchen sink that Gary found at work on one of his building jobs. A lot of wisecrackers think that because I cycle with so much baggage and clobber and weight on my bike that I must have a kitchen sink on board. This time I really did – minus the mixer taps. We’re using those in our kitchen.

So along with some snow and putting-large-things-on-bikes photos here are some slightly more sunny pictures to warm the winter cockles – pictures from bygone days a-wheel.

No need for a four-by-four in the snow when you’ve got a three-by-two.

The snow-and-ice mobile. On two wheels ice is dangerous. On three wheels it’s fun.

As demonstrated by Jack.

Lockdown 3 homeschooling in full swing. The lesson: DIY sledging on an old piece of plastic we use to grow veg under.

How to carry a kitchen sink on your bike.

How to carry a bike on a trike.

That’s my cycle when cycling in Nepal and India 1988/89.

Sahara desert. Algeria. 1985.

Japan 1994

Atlas Mountains, Morocco 1988

Iceland 1987

Mexico (with vultures) 1993.

Crossing USA 1992

Cycling across USA (Monument Valley)1992.

The Netherlands 2016

The Netherlands 2017

The Netherlands 2018

A good notice to notice.

Road closures often mean rough roads which can lead to…

…tightening your bra straps as a precaution.

The End. From Mexico 1993.