It's been a cold week on the triking-biking school run. This morning was minus 4 but Molly didn't seem to mind. We sung Christmas carols to warm up (Hark the Herald Angels Sing and Oh Come All Ye Faithful being firm favourites with my on-board passengers).

By the time I arrived home after dropping Molly off at school, Daisy had a light coating of frost on her. But she seemed quite happy. Well they do say: treat 'em mean, keep 'em keen! But before social services get on to me, Daisy was wearing two pairs of socks, warm boots, insulated nappy, leggings, thick padded thermal over trousers, vest, 2 long-sleeved t-shirts, thick hooded fleece, two coats, two hats, a neck-tube scarf, mittens, a hot water bottle and 4 blankets.

Daisy making the most of the midday sun to regain her circulation before we set sail on the chilly afternoon triking-biking school run

Big trike, small trike. Daisy learning the ropes of three-wheeled travel.

For those who read my ‘Mrs Toyota Landcruiser’?post (and thank you to those who did! Liz, am glad you and your son survived the mud-splashing soaking – it’s amazing how some motorists will slow for nothing, not even children) she continues to drive past us every morning with her entourage of gadget-fiddling children. She still charges up from behind but then noticably slows, giving us a wary distance. We all give her hugely exaggerated merry waves, which to date have not been reciprocated (I can’t understand why not) apart from a slightly raised didget off steering wheel. Well waving’s hard work ,you know, and may interfere with one’s Landcrusing inner-vehicle gadget-listening experience.?

Last weekend I was riding my Roberts touring bike while pulling Daisy in the bike trailer. I was coming up to a blind corner while entering a village on a quiet country lane when suddenly a man in a ‘sports’ car tore up the road behind me.?He flew past me on the wrong side of the road into the corner. A second later his brake lights jammed on and he went from what must have been 40mph to walking pace. As I rode round the corner I could see why: he had met a horse. He inched past the horse before revving away which just goes to show that to some motorists a cyclist and child’s life?is insignificant compared to an animals.