If anyone finds themselves at a loose end in Chichester (nice cathedral!) on the evening of 20th June and you fancy coming to say hello to me and pinch my tyres and feel the bounce of my saddle I’ll be giving a CYCLING AROUND THE WORLD AND CYCLING WITH OFFSPRING BIKE TALK. It’s taking place at:

Friend’s Meeting House, Priory Road, Chichester, W. Sussex, PO19 1NX

Thursday 20 June 7.30 – 9.30pm

To be emailed a ticket (?5 or ?2.50 for under 16) contact: cycle@chichester.gov.uk

or tel: 01243 534694

Any problems with getting tickets then email me here on my website or send a comment in this update.

Meanwhile, sorry about the lack of nothing for a while on the updating of my website front but it decided to go on the blink, which was quite useful really as it meant I could spend more time on my bike and less time tapping away on my laptop. To understand these computerized things that are well beyond me (I like headsets and bottom brackets) I had to pin down Pete, my man in the woods. This was easier said than done as he has been a bit tied up lately buying chickens (not the trussed oven-ready ones but the more useful egg-producing live version). As luck would have it Pete popped up out of the blue last night and taking my mouse in hand (the one with the little red light up its bottom not the sort the neighbour’s cat pounces upon) he clicked this and twiddled that in the places that needed clicking and twiddling and Bob’s your uncle (or possibly chicken) I’m back on air. Before I launch into my usual two-wheeled waffle I just thought I’d test the system by giving you a burst of bikes and trikes in various shapes and sizes before things crash again and disappear into the ether:

Large airborne sculpture cycled past last year outside Emden, Germany.

One of my smaller steeds.

Our school run four-by-four

Our school run four-by-four doing a 3-point turn.

Our school run three-by-one: a Danish Nihola trike (containing Daisy with bear) towing Molly on a tag-a-long trailer bike.

Daisy out-for-the-count in Burley d'lite bike trailer.

Daisy out-for-the-count in bathtub-like cabin of Nihola trike. (Bikes - and trikes - are a boon for keeping noisy offspring quiet).

Molly dismounting from our three-by-one at school on an icy and snowy morning.

Our 3x1 arriving at school with a 4x4.

Daisy travelling at full throttle on her Islabike scoot-a-long

Molly disappearing at speed on her Islabike sandwiched between high hedges.