I have returned from cycling around Holland with offspring and husband in tow. It was all fine pedalling fun. Lots of windmills, lots of wind, lots of greenhouses, tulips, daffodils, dykes and bikes and herons flying down the high street. Also lots of fields of swans trying to look like sheep.

Cycling in the Netherlands is a world away from cycling here in these fair, green traffic-laden isles where more often than not we are shoved into the ditch by a speeding motorist. In Holland a cyclist has all the room in the world to weave and wander along an endless medley of vehicle-free cycle tracks. I will write more about this when this WordPress website decides to work properly again because at the moment it’s not allowing me to put up any pictures or write any more than this title (I hate computers!).

All I have space to say is that on Tuesday 24th April I’ve been invited to the Houses of Parliament to appear with Jon Snow (the TV news man with busy ties) and James Harding (editor of The Times) at the Transport Select Committee Meeting to discuss and be questioned about cycle safety. Shortly after this I will be appearing on the BBC Daily Politics Progamme to discuss more about cycle safety with a Labour Peer of all people. I’ve never done anything like this before so it all sounds suitably nerve wracking but I’m willing to give it a whirl. More soon on this I hope!