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Postcards From Oz

G’day mate! Have made it to Oz! But only just. The good news is that my German freighter finally turned up. The bad news is that an hour after sliding away into the murk from New Zealand’s Port of Tauranga, we hit a Force 9 storm. All night and all day and all night again […]

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Right Side Up Update

If you’re thinking this postcard doesn’t much look like a kangaroo or a cockatoo but more like the bike dreamed up by Mike Burrows, designed by Lotus and ridden to victory by Chris Boardman in a bygone year, you’re right. And if you’re wondering why I’m sending something of a Blighty flavour rather than an […]

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More Postcards

Unlike what this postcard says I’m not in the Antarctic but in Bluff, in the very south of South Island, which is about as close to the land of icy Emperors as I’m going to get ? at least for a while. Banking on my being scooped up as a shipment of ‘super cargo’ by […]

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Cycling In October

After 9? months I’m still here in New Zealand but not for much longer as next week I’m catching a Deutch cargo ship to Oz. I should have been mid-Tasman Sea by now but seems das boote has got a bit lost or something or taken a wrong turning somewhere mid-Pacific. My passage to Oz […]

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Upside Down Update

Have now been cycling in variable degrees of uprightness Downunder for nigh on nine months. So far have been spat at, shouted at, run off the road, blown off the road, soaked, sunburnt, frozen, hailed on, snowed on, starved, over-fed, over-charged, under-charged, over a possum (a dead one), under a possum (a tree-climbing one), bitten, […]

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NZ to OZ

Josie is leaving New Zealand for Australia on 27th September! She’s found a boat to take her there and wants to see and cycle as much of that part of the world as possible while she she has the chance. She’s starting in Melbourne, then cycling round Tasmania, probably to Brisbane and after that . […]

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New Zealand postcard bonanza 2!

Was cycling along today when the thought struck me in a striking manner that it was June 24th. As I arrived in New Zealand on Christmas Eve, I calculated in a calculating fashion that I had been in this Land-of-the-Long-White-Cloud-and-Never-Ending-Rain a long 6 months. So, you may ask, and if you don’t I shall then […]

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New Zealand update

Have now washed up back in Auckland after floating in a cycling fashion (yes, it was all a bit wet) through the middle of North Island via Taranaki (New Zealand’s Mount Fuji). After barely venturing further than north of Reading or south of Romsey, Gary (the builder) has finally taken large leap into the unknown […]

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3 more postcards from NZ

Conked out ankle is now only semi-wonked so have managed in a very round-about way to ride up from Wanaka (bottom-ish bit of South Island) to Nelson (the top). Nights seem to have been either fulls of boy racers with fat exhausts screaming down the road doing donuts or possums falling out of trees onto […]

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NZ postcard bonanza!

Every now and then when I’m cycling along it suddenly occurs to me that I must send another belated update to my dim and distant web (not that you aren’t all forever on my mind, of course). But then when evening comes and the postcard writing rituals call, I find I’ve got too much on […]

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