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Stormy in NZ

One thousand very hilly miles later have finally made it to Wellington. Country is beautiful but drivers are still devilish. As is the weather. Have just been battered by the worst storms and floods on record. Been called national disaster and civil defense in action. No rail, roads impassable with washouts and landslides. Houses, cars, […]

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A Postcard from New Zealand

I very nearly bought you a postcard of a million sheeps’ buxom rears but then something stopped me in my tracks and I picked up a gecko’s head instead. New Zealand is hot, hilly and full of 4x4s which rush past my elbow with precious little breathing space to spare. As do the nightmarish logging […]

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Made it!

At last! After 2 months of kaput-engine ‘cruising’ I have finally reached New Zealand. I know I should be sending you a postcard of a sheep or a kiwi but I thought I’d send you one of a giraffe instead just to keep you on your toes. When I arrived in Auckland on Christmas Eve […]

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Still en Route to NZ…

Am still here when I thought I’d be there. Once through Panama it took several long ocean-going weeks of chasing horizons to reach Tahiti. After one and a half months of sea my feet touched down on to a world that wasn’t moving – never minding that the bodily one was fit to capsize. I […]

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An Update from Josie in the Pacific

Just a quick postcard-less update from the ocean wave. Am still afloat but only just as 3 week voyage across the Atlantic has not been without incident. So far have had a v. blowy hurricane, swirling-like tornado water spout, surfacing whales and heaped seas with waves as big as buses (haven’t been sick yet though!). […]

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Greetings from Ireland

Something on this card might lead you to believe I’m in Ireland with a herd of my mothers. Well I was in Ireland but I’m not any more as I’m in England having recently come hither from Scotland (via Wales) where I was called upon to gush forth upon the joys of cycling at the […]

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A Second Postcard from Holland

Am making absurdly slow progress across Holland and Germany with ageing mother. Keep stopping and starting. She can’t make up her mind about anything. Keeps losing things. Doesn’t know her panniers. Keeps packing things in different places. Is eating too much and cycling too little. Hefty portions of apple strudel cake seem to be holding […]

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Postcard from Holland

Goedemorgen all Website Ones, Finished proofs for book 4 days ago then scooped up my ageing (but ever-spritely) mother to join me for first leg of cycling jaunt to Baltics. We are presently cycling great guns up coast of Holland despite doing an impressive amount of dining and dozing on cycle path-side picnic tables. Crawling […]

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Another postcard!

Josie has made it to Land’s End

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Cycling Through Newquay

Time to lower the tone as I bid you all greetings from the saucy seaside town of Newquay ? mecca for all-season surfers. Doing quite a good job at surfing myself ? albeit on land ? thanks to surplus supplies of torrential rain. Met Office severe weather warnings have become a bit too frequent an […]

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