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Bikes and trikes and dykes

I have returned from cycling around Holland with offspring and husband in tow. It was all fine pedalling fun. Lots of windmills, lots of wind, lots of greenhouses, tulips, daffodils, dykes and bikes and herons flying down the high street. Also lots of fields of swans trying to look like sheep. Cycling in the Netherlands […]


Nihola Gaying on snowy school runs and Holland bike talk

?The weather is all over the place on our Nihola Gaying school runs. Only a short while back we were sliding through the snow (here’s Molly arming herself with a nicely moulded snowball to lob at any errant motorist driving too fast past our snow-ploughing charabanc)?while today I was peeling off layers down to shorts […]


Big trikes, small trikes, frozen trikes

For those who read my ‘Mrs Toyota Landcruiser’?post (and thank you to those who did! Liz, am glad you and your son survived the mud-splashing soaking – it’s amazing how some motorists will slow for nothing, not even children) she continues to drive past us every morning with her entourage of gadget-fiddling children. She still […]


Saving Police Time: Stopping Mrs Toyota Landcruiser in her tracks!

E My bicycle routine maintenance staff (Daisy aged 1) has finished with a spot of tyre-pumping on my Roberts and is just checking she has picked up the correct oil (Finish Line Cross Country Wet Lubricant) before tackling the chain. ? ? ? Following on from my last post (Nihola Gaying Day and Night) I’ve […]


Nihola Gaying Day and Night

One of the best parts of the day is the school run. Daisy sits in the front box happily navigating the route as best as a one-and-a-half-year-old can (ie. multiple ah-ah-ing coupled with confusing arm gesticulations) while Molly pedals along on my rear constantly chirruping about the vagaries of the weather (‘looks like rain, mummy’; […]


Islabike bikes, scoot-a-longs and Followme tag-a-longs


New Burley d'Lite Bike Trailers and the Cycling Delights of the Isle of Wight

? After several tens-of-thousands of miles my old Burley d’lite bike trailer finally called it a day so I now have a new and much-improved version which is a world away from the old design. Everything on it is better from the wheels to the folding to the fixing onto the bike. ?? ?? ?? […]


Nihola Trike Tramping and Camping across Suffolk for CTC Birthday Ride fun and frolics

Am just back from a mercy dash triking-biking session across Suffolk to the impressively imposing Framlingham College where I was asked to give a bike talk at CTC’s Birthday Rides. The Birthday Rides is a yearly event that celebrates the formation of the club in 1878.? Being a birthday event there was a birthday cake […]


CTC AGM, swan cycling, lop-sided heads, sunny Boshams and bike-building wasp nests

? ??? As usual I’m a bit behind times on the update front but I’ve been to the rivetting CTC AGM in Weymouth pictured here with the builder husband clutching handful of wriggling offspring ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ????


Japanese earthquake update and cycling offspring

I was just about to update my website in March when the sun came out. And it seems to have been?out ever since. If the sun shines I find it impossible to turn on my computer when I could be riding my bike instead, so bike-riding has won the day. Or more like, won the […]

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