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Japan earthquake

?It is always terrible to hear of a natural disaster hitting some part of the world, but it becomes even more potently awful when you have been to the place which has been affected by such shocking tragedy. Last month it was the New Zealand earthquake that hit Christchurch. Having spent nearly ten months cycling […]


Tripped-out tyres and more trikes

Happy New Year! I meant to say this about a month ago but then a nappy or two got in the way as did a Nihola Gay trike. Yes, it’s been trike, trike and more triking tra la la with a side dish of trailer-bike triking to boot. And what heady fun it’s been too. […]


Nihola Trike on test, and the Art of not Travelling Light

? Molly has just survived her first term down the road at the village primary school.?I felt a bit guilty about?sending her to school so young?(only two days after her fourth birthday!) but it was a guilt that lasted all of a good, ooh, twelve minutes. That’s because she immediately loved it. And seemingly still […]


Inside leg measurements and a lot of old tubes

Chas Roberts measuring Molly Every so often I feel the need for a bit of bike tube indulgence and so visit Chas at Roberts Cycles in the heady exotic lands of East Croydon. I first landed by bike at his frame-building?base?22 years ago. I had cycled there to visit a good friend of mine, Chris […]


A Small Fleet of Potential Cyclists & The Wild West Sussex Safari

One minute it?s June and the next it?s October. At least that?s what it feels like. Time flies when you?re changing nappies and chasing after offspring all day. When I was ?on the road? so much happens in so little time that an hour can feel like a day and a week can feel like […]


Support Graeme raising funds for Sustrans

Graeme Willgress is setting off in May to cycle around the UK coast, raising funds for Sustrans and awareness on the role cycling can play in managing mental health. The last stage of his trip being a wonderful 728 miles journey from his home in Devon to Snowdonia and back. He’ll be learning to live […]

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Website Technicalities And Mini Cyclists

Not me on mount with the newborn but police training in the days before health and safety ? Just in case anyone was wondering whether I had fallen wheel-first into a snowdrift never to be seen again (my last update was back in the deep southern snows of January) I am still here ? though […]


Snow, Snow and More Snow: Two-Wheels Good, Four-Wheels Stuck

Last month I was saying it had been a bit wet, this month it’s been a bit white. The snow’s been feet deep in places around here, bringing down huge oaks and power and telephone lines. We had no electricity for nearly a week which was really quite enjoyable – out came the candles and […]

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Earl's Court Talk and More Hubs and Trailers

If anyone happens to be wandering around the Earls Court area in London on Sunday 11th October and is interested in bikes (how can anyone not be!) or would like to fire a few questions at me (nothing too difficult, please) I’ve been asked to sit on a ‘panel’ at The Cycle Show. I’ll also […]


Litter Pickings and Steam-Powered Delights

Lately, while cycling here and there, I’ve noticed an inundation of fridges, mattresses, televisions, tyres and bashed-about wardrobes dumped in otherwise pristine countryside. It strikes me, there must be a fair few forgetful people around who go for a walk in the woods and then forget to take their fridges home with them.

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