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Rolling on a Rohloff, potty travels and President of Vice

For any bike boffins – here’s a quick boffin update: a few months ago my first Roberts (a ‘hot pink’ one which I first sat upon in late ’88) underwent a facelift care of Chas and Brian at Roberts Cycles. It is now a shiny bruised bashed-about-looking blue-black with a Rohloff hub. My Shimano XT […]


Danger: Live Apparatus On Board!

A VERY LATE NEWS FLASH!! Rumour has it that my first book The Wind in my Wheels was on Radio 4 ‘A Good Read’ on Tuesday 24th February 4.30 p.m. and will be repeated again on Friday 27th February at 11.00 p.m. Seems they might be discussing the finer details of one’s bottom bracket. Danger: […]

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Danger: Live Apparatus on board!

Goodbye rain and hello snow! Rain is fine (if a little wet) but it’s not quite as conducive to cycling as the cold burst we had for most of December and half of January. Apart from being like an ice rink in places I found the lengthy burst of icy weather as near as perfect […]

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Lovely lime juice cordial!

Forget all these modern day isotonic, hypotonic, hypertonic mass caffeine-boosting energy drinks that are being sold by the pannier load to energy-lacking cyclists. What we need more of is Stower?s Lime Juice Codial advertised in the posters of yesteryear as having ?NO MUSTY FLAVOUR?. Apparently it was ?The only healthy beverage that can be safely […]

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Death, Marriage, Birthday and Rolling Road Blocks . . .

Shocking news ? Ian Hibell, one of the greatest cyclists in the world of long-distance cycle touring, has been killed by a hit-and-run motorist while riding in Greece. I first read his book, Into the Remote Places, when I was a teenager on my first big tour cycling across Europe to North Africa. I found […]


Three Generations on Two Wheels

Well, here we are ? three generations cycling around the exotic delights of the Isle of Wight on two bikes. Top of the chronological scale comes Granny Dew who, perched at the right side of 80 (but only just), is amazing the younger members of the fleet by managing to cycle up the majority of […]

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A Belated Happy New Year!

Happy new year! Yes, yes, I know I?m a couple of months late but two months late is better than four months late ? which it could quite easily have been. So be grateful for small mercies. Well, you may or may not ask (and just in case you don?t I will ask myself) what?s […]

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Shock Confession!

I have an end-of-year confession to make: I?ve become a motorist. For the first time in my life I have bought an old lump of metal with four wheels.

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Back from Scotland

Greetings to all and sundry! I?ve made it back from Scotland with Molly and nanny Dew still intact. Things could have come to blows though on the night train to Edinburgh where I shared a bunk-and-a-half with the above medley of young and old age groups. As luck would have it we found ourselves next […]

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Stupendously Unnecesary Vehicles and Other Thoughts

Hello! I?m still here! Just. Hanging on by my fingernails to a baby?s bottom bracket. As may be observed by the accompanying photograph, motherhood has aged me somewhat ? by at least 30 years and Molly seems to have grown into a dog. But such are the joys of life. So what?s been happening lately? […]

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