A snowy cycle school run at the top of the year.

Bike and white.

A 60-mile Triplet ride with Jack to exotic Bognor beach.

Wide vehicle: Transporting Jack’s friend’s bike home from school on the Triplet.

Bike lashed on bike securely with the joys of bungees and toe straps.

Riding with Jack and Daisy to the sea with my Bob Yak trailer.

In action on the Salterns Way.

Daisy is bringing up the rear with camera in hand and handlebar in the other.

Ah, there she is.

Graveyard camping at Lynchmere church on the Serpent Trail.

Jack loaded up on the Serpent Trail on Rake Hangar.

More churchyard camping.

Jack putting up the tent for wild woodland camping on the Serpent Way.

Heating up on the Serpent Way – near Lodsworth.

Field camping near Leggatt Hill.

Petworth Park.

Mid-tent erection – in a woodland glade near Bedham.