Near Katwijk at the helm of my Circe Helios Triplet. That trailer in the distance is actually attached to me making it a precariously long road-train. This summer Gary converted the triplet to a tandem with homemade extended wooden-topped rack.

Where there’s a windmill there’s normally…

a lot more windmills.

Jack testing the chill of the North Sea.

Hours later… Jack still testing the waters.


Passing the Sahara of the North Sea.

Jack demonstrating a small bike park.

Daisy at full tilt.

Bike bottleneck at the lights. There’s half a mile of bikes behind me too.

Taking a woodland breather.

Jack moving fast to snaffle the last biscuit.

Just in case we weren’t carrying enough Jack wanted to add a mini surfboard. A few days later we added another surfboard we found in a bin. We thought it only our duty to give it another life.

Dutch farm camping.

Warning: Glad roosters ahoy!

Waiting for one of many ferries to cross one of many canals.

On board.

Inner tent activities.

Disgorged at dawn from the jaws of Stena Line.