Unlike what this postcard says I’m not in the Antarctic but in Bluff, in the very south of South Island, which is about as close to the land of icy Emperors as I’m going to get ? at least for a while.

Banking on my being scooped up as a shipment of ‘super cargo’ by a freighter this weekend, my next postcard should be emanating from Oz. But til then

miles cycled so far in New Zealand: 4151;
No. of Punctures: 0;
Tyres used: Continental Top Touring (have just put on new pair Conti Travel Contacts);
No. of baths had in past year: ?
Thing I miss most about home: Baths!

Best things about New Zealand: multiple rainbows; very un-cloud-like clouds; colour and clarity of light; large amount of large areas with no-one; tui, bell-birds and fantails; matey-ness of people – specially the Maori and the postwomen on bikes; Haast Pass, Lindi’s Pass, Arthur’s Pass, road over Crown Range (highest one in NZ), road to Mt. Cook, East Cape, Kauri Forest, Catlins, Wanaka, South Island West Coast in Sun.

Worst thing about NZ: the drivers!!

Emperor Penguins

Emperor Penguins