?The weather is all over the place on our Nihola Gaying school runs. Only a short while back we were sliding through the snow (here’s Molly arming herself with a nicely moulded snowball to lob at any errant motorist driving too fast past our snow-ploughing charabanc)?while today I was peeling off layers down to shorts and T-shirt.

I’m wondering what the weather is going to be like in Holland in two weeks time. That’s because we’re going on a slightly extended school run mid-March. We’re going to bypass school and head up to Harwich to board the boat to the Hook of Holland. From there we’re cycling to Utrecht where on?Sunday 18th March I’ve been asked to give a bike talk for a very long word organisation called natuurkampeerterreinen (wild and uncommercialized Dutch campsites). Should anyone find themselves at a loose end at 3pm on this Sunday 18th in Utrecht then please come along to see some pictures and to view the Nihola Gay contraption in all its full school run glory (yes school run occupants will be included – as will tea and coffee and a possible reticent husband).

The talk is at Janskerkhof 26, Utrecht and costs 12.50 Euro. Booking info is at: info@natuurkampeerterreinen.nl

More info (in Dutch!) at http://www.natuurkampeerterreinen.nl/nl/nieuws/lezing-wereldfietser-josie-dew.html?(I think?- at least it is if I’ve typed that right but it is now midnight so I could well have missed out a slash here or a dot there or a flamboyant burst of Dutch in an unexpected place ).