Daisy tent groundsheet-testing (note splendid tent backdrop of Framlingham Castle - once home to Queen Mary Tudor, no less)

Am just back from a mercy dash triking-biking session across Suffolk to the impressively imposing Framlingham College where I was asked to give a bike talk at CTC’s Birthday Rides. The Birthday Rides is a yearly event that celebrates the formation of the club in 1878.? Being a birthday event there was a birthday cake (a very large one plus lots of others) which I was also invited to cut. It took some cutting as it was of a very hefty nature and a chain saw would have perhaps been more apt a tool than a mere knife. But it got cut in the end and then the cyclists descended – some 800-odd of them too. Which meant an awful lot of cake and an awful lot of lycra. Anyway, it was all very fun and I was accompanied throughout by Gary-the-Builder (and husband), a trike-bound Daisy and a trailer-bike-towed Molly.

Picnic spot en route to Framlingham

Picnic Spot Number 2 (we like picnics) in field somewhere near Framlingham

Pausing for breath to take in the lovliness of Saxtead Mill

I'm in there somewhere trying to cut a cake

Molly pigeon shooting with tent poles (we camped in College grounds after the event)