Post-lockdown we’ve gone somewhere, if not far, and slid sideways to Dorset.

Thanks to lockdown growth Jack has grown about a foot and Daisy is now taller than me -not difficult seeing as I’m the human equivalent of perfect travel kit (small, compact and packable). So here are the younger pedalling team, demonstrating their bigger bikes at Bosham.

Slippery slipway onto the Itchenor ferry.

Aboard with bikes.

Picnic spot bike park. On show: Jack’s 24-inch wheel Squish, Daisy’s 29-inch wheel Scott, my 30-year-old 26-inch wheel Orbit.

Bike chains. Itchenor.

It says: NO BIKES. We say: YES BIKES. Especially as the bike way is flooded!

Me bringing up the rear.

Hills high, rivers deep.

2.5 years is a long time for a granny not to see her only grandchildren. We couldn’t see Gary’s mum in 2019 for one reason or another and then. when we were about to see her in 2020 Covid struck with its multiple lockdowns and rules. So at the beginning of June, when more freedom returned, I bundled bikes and offspring and camping kit into the battered leaking camper and took off to cycle around Dorset and to see Nanny Val at last.

Daisy and Corfe Castle

Me mid-push near Church Knowle.

More pushing up Knowle Hill.

Atop Knowle Hill.

Collapsed on Knowle Hill.

Upright again!

Waiting for our steam train (Swanage Railway).

In a proper guard’s van with proper windows you can stick your head out of.

With Nanny Val at last!

The reunited reunion.

NEWS JUST IN:  This summer school holidays I will be heading off with bike, trailer, children, tent and trusty Swiss Army knife on King Alfred’s Way (a mostly off-road route that loops 220 miles around historic Wessex, the Anglo-Saxon kingdom of Alfred the Great).

We will be carrying all the food, water and camping clobber that we need and putting up our tent wherever we can – hopefully somewhere near the side of the track.

We are raising money for our primary school and village hall (money raised will go towards sports/play/exercise equipment – like bikes!). If anyone would like to spur us on please go to: