Chasing my shadow

Oops! I seem to have veered off course even before I’ve started. I was supposed to be leaving from Land’s End on my Circe tandem with Molly and Daisy this morning (August 1st) but now I’m heading for Holland. Destination Denmark! I have two girls, four wheels (tandem plus trailer), two buckets, one potty, multiple bags and even one building husband – though we’re not sure how long he will stand the test of time.? The reason for the last minute change of plan is to do with my mum and dad. I’ll explain more on my return as time is running out – we’ve got a ferry to catch. I’m still hoping to raise enough money to buy the children’s charity Dreams Come True a Nihola Trike.? (Please see last post for details). So Dorgand Verkeer (‘on-going traffic’ in Dutch), here we come!