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Lovely lime juice cordial!

Forget all these modern day isotonic, hypotonic, hypertonic mass caffeine-boosting energy drinks that are being sold by the pannier load to energy-lacking cyclists. What we need more of is Stower?s Lime Juice Codial advertised in the posters of yesteryear as having ?NO MUSTY FLAVOUR?. Apparently it was ?The only healthy beverage that can be safely […]

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Three Generations on Two Wheels

Well, here we are ? three generations cycling around the exotic delights of the Isle of Wight on two bikes. Top of the chronological scale comes Granny Dew who, perched at the right side of 80 (but only just), is amazing the younger members of the fleet by managing to cycle up the majority of […]

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An Eventful Event!

Had an unusual happening at the end of August – I had a baby – a little mini cyclist called Molly, weighing in at 7lb 8oz. Hopefully she’s itching to get on the bike as I kept on cycling daily with her up until the day she was born. More bike and baby news next […]

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