The bridge has been opened! But not when this picture was taken. Here I'm sorting out Molly and Daisy prior to cycling down to Weymouth to open the aforesaid bridge.

We've made it to the sea! But now where's the bridge?

The festive cycling festivities near the bridge-to-be-opened. Daisy, Molly and I are making cycling conversation with various cyclists.

On the bridge post bridge-opening. The building of the bridge is mostly due to the dogged determination of Ken Reid (the blue-shirted man on the left) who has spent five years battling with various organizations to see the bridge through.

Ceremonious cake-cutting with the Mayor of Weymouth.

The bridge has been opened, the cake has been cut (and consumed), the balloons have been burst - now heading home but not before a spot of sandcastle-building on Weymouth beach.

Back at home: on the school run with the zebra.

But not at home for long: Sheffield calls - namely the CTC AGM and dinner. Here we are at Waterloo station with pushchairs and bikes (Gary is checking Molly's bike is still attached to the rear end of mine). Next stop: London St. Pancras!

St Pancras! Everyone is still intact but Daisy is out for the count. P.S. This picture doesn't want to go upright!

On the train from London to Sheffield - with three-and-a-half hours to eat!

Arrived Sheffield station! With no lost bikes, prams, bags or children.

The riveting CTC AGM. Daisy is in the foreground - and sensibly asleep.

The morning after the AGM and dinner, Molly and I rode up the River Don and back.

But it was slow progress as my passenger was keen to stop at every playground we passed.