Published in the UK May 2001 by Little Brown. ISBN 0 316 85362 3

Armed only with a bike and a great sense of humour, Josie returns to Japan for a second dose of its eccentric and mysterious culture. Following on from A Ride in the Neon Sun – her account of four months cycling around Japan – Josie takes us on the second part of her journey through the land of contradictions; where snow-topped mountains and picturesque gardens are but a stone’s throw away from concrete, cars and dense pollution; a country whose keyword is peace, yet spends millions of yen each year on high-tech armament.

But wherever she goes, no matter how remote ot industrious the area, Josi encounters the friendly, quirky and unbelievably generous Japanese people, from those who load her with giant cabbages and Pocari Sweat to one couple who left her the key to their shop – and told her to sleep by the till!

Josie’s travels are as fascinating as they are varied; she endures a horrific storm at sea while working her passage on a ship from Hong Kong to Japan, where people are expected to shimmy up mastheads regardless of the conditions; she samples the deadly puffer fish, so poisonous it can kill within minutes; and she visits two cities which will forever symbolise the horror of war: Nagasaki and Hiroshima.

A taster of places visited in THE SUN IN MY EYES:

Hong Kong – where I thought that maybe i should have gone to Iceland instead
Macau – shoulder-rubbing mecca
China – where they eat anything with four legs except tables and chairs
East China Sea – where my stomach came up for air
Kirishima – camped with cabbages
Miyajima – snakestep leap spot
Tottori – camel-riding turbanned Japanese
Kyoto – where Parrot-man parrotted
Otaru – relaxing seagull city
Wakkanai – bad wedding news
Lake Kutcharoko – swans and motorbike convention
Abashiri – suit made from salmon skin
Nemuro – lots of hairy and short-legged king-crabs and Russians
Kamishihoro – where ‘All Roads Lead to Roman’
Asahikawa – Twinkle Plaza Twinning Town
Lake Toya – toilet kept in cabinet
Yokohama – not THE Yokohama but the one where I encountered first Japanese flasher
Momoshi – bra-bombing dragonflies
Namie – (which I couldn’t)
Iwaki – (which I wasn’t)
Hitachi – (but not too hard)
Tokyo – flasher no. 2