At last ? a belated update of a web-dated page. Not that there?s a lot to report on, mind. I don?t seem to have been anywhere apart from submerged beneath several hundred pages of book. Since finishing my boat book (Saddled at Sea) in March the race has been on to hit more deadlines ? this time for writing book on cycling around New Zealand. I?ve never written two books end to end before and it?s all taken a bit of a toll on my thought processes (never that active at the best of times). But I?ve made it and handed in my pile of waffle which should be produced in book form next spring.


Throughout this busily scribing year my bikes have all been well and present (as have the rotations of my haphazard knees) and I?ve been daily pounding the pedals through heatwave and rainwave.
Once proofs and pictures of NZ book have been done and dusted, I?ll be off on another little escapade, though as of yet not quite sure where or when. All depends on seasons and amount of unexpected excess baggage I?ll be towing with me over hill and dale.