Young budding cyclist baby Jack is expanding fast. He is now 4 months old and has luckily taken kindly to being carted about in my customized and ever-useful Danish Nihola trike contraption. It took me a while to work out how to carry him about by pedal power but when he was a few weeks old I hit on a solution to this tricky cycle conundrum. After removing the bench seat that comes with the trike as standard issue fare I padded out the interior with bulky 3-inch-thick wads of foam. Among all these walls and floors of foam lies Jack in his little red carrycot fixed in with a criss-cross of fixed-point webbing straps and topped with a heap of cosy blankets. The fact that he usually falls asleep within moments of take-off is a promising sign that he seems quite content with being whirled about by tricycle wheels. Here 3-year old Daisy is at the helm of the trusty Nihola.

That's not Daisy with Jack as Jack's-in-the-box.

As the Nihola trike is currently full of foam and a frolicking baby there is no longer any room on board the box for Daisy. So she is now towed behind the trike by trailer. So the three-wheeled trike has become a five-wheeled articulated apparatus of magnificent proportion. Forget the rage of 4x4s. The way forward is by 3x2s!

Although most motorists pass our 3x2 with a suitably wide berth there is often the odd driver who overtakes far to fast or too close for comfort. The solution is to either emigrate to Holland or fix the front of the trike with some rather fine weaponry to teach the negligent motorist a lesson they won't forget - as demonstrated here by Frederick Simms who, for the 1899 Automobile Club Richmond Show, fitted a Maxim machine gun to his motor quadricycle. Way to go! - as they say in various necks of the woods around the world.

PS:?? I forgot to say I’ll be giving a bike talk next weekend at The Adventure Travel Show at Olympia in London Saturday 25th January 2014 at 15.30-16.00 in the Adventure Auditorium.

To buy tickets for ?6 (saving ?4 off the door price) just quote ‘JOSIE DEW’ when buying online at or when calling:

0871 230 7159