We've had some cold and...

frosty and...

potty-bound school runs lately with

sudden hazy bursts of morning light.

Then it snowed so out came the Nihola Gay trike contraption

where Molly sits on the back of the trailer-bike pretending to pedal. Everyone seemed to have their 4x4s out but we had our 3x1 and made it to...

school in fine sliding fashion - even shooting past the long line of queuing cars. Very satisfying!

It’s snowed a lot more today – school’s been cancelled (hoo-rah!) so we’re buried under about half-a-foot of snow plus hefty deep snowdrifts in which the girls completely disappear from view.

But before it snowed Molly was in fine spirits flying along on her Islabike, which Daisy found to be a fine spectator sport.

Then Molly shot out of the tunnel of trees so fast that it made Daisy veer straight across the road on her scoot-along and land in the hedge.

Meanwhile, if anyone is at a loose end on the night of Thursday 31st January I’m giving a bike talk to the locals and not-so-locals. I gave a bike talk to the children at Molly’s primary school the other day and then I was going to give a bike talk to the parents in the small school hall. But it now seems to have escalated to the village hall up the road.So if anyone is interested and is not too far away, here are the details:


An illustrated talk by Josie Dew

Thursday 31st January 2013 at 7pm

At Milland Village Memorial Hall

Milland, W. Sussex GU30 7NA

If I can work out how the village hall digital equipment works I hope to take you on a whirlwind tour around the world describing what it is like to cycle alone across America, around Japan, Iceland, Hawaii, New Zealand and North Africa among other places. I will also be showing pictures of my two trips last year – cycling 1000 miles across Holland, Germany and Denmark with Gary, Molly and Daisy.

Tickets ?10

(All proceeds go towards raising money for Molly’s school – Hollycombe Primary School – in particular getting cycle training going and buying any equipment to encourage cycling and other sports)

Ticket price includes a glass of wine or soft drinks, as many of my homemade biscuits and chocolate flapjacks as you can eat (doggy bags can be provided for the still-hungry) and a free puncture repair kit.

To buy tickets please visit the school, the local village shop or send a cheque or cash directly to the school marking your envelope ‘Josie Dew Talk’. Please also provide an email address and/or phone number in case the school needs to contact you. Please make cheques payable to Hollycombe School Fund.

All queries please contact:

Hollycombe Primary School

Wardley Green,



Hampshire GU30 7LY

Tel: 01428 741332



****I’ve just had an email from Alex at charlottestandems.weebly.com wondering if I can recommend them to anyone who might need a tandem. Charlotte’s tandems is a charity that lends tandems to people with special needs or disabilities so that they can enjoy the wonders of cycling. I’ve looked at their website at their range of tandems is impressively multifarious! *****