Josie has reached South West England on her cycle ride around the coast of the British Isles, as her latest postcard attests…



Watchet, Zummerzet

As the rising flood waters play havoc with my sleeping bag, body and bottom bracket, I have come to the conclusion that November is perhaps not the most advisable month to go cycle-camping around the ragged edges of the Welsh and South West coasts.

That said, I am now so cold and oily and muddy that I have reached that stage of utter horribleness which turns everything almost enjoyable.

Send me a summer breeze soon,
love Josie

PS: after reading a review in CTC magazine about Eager Clothing’s overshoes, have now added a pair to my watery collection of clothing. They work a treat just so long as you don’t live outside for days in a continuous bucketing gale or have to ford through 2ft of flood water as I did yesterday afternoon. Keep wind out too. More info from Ruth Isaac at Eager Clothing, tel / fax: 01686 640873.