Some families have a fleet of cars for their children to sit in. Molly has a fleet of bikes for her to sit on. Here she's flying along on her little Islabike scoot-along (on which she learnt to balance). If she tired of this after several miles ride she would either put her feet up beside Daisy in the luxurious setting of the Nihola Gay cabin or leap aboard the trailer-bike that I drag behind the trike.

This is the brilliant little Islabike on which Molly learnt to ride within a few attempts.

Learning to ride a bike can necessitate having to swerve around unpredicable roadside hazards. Some of which give chase to you.

The latest marvellous contraption to land upon my cycling shores is a Followme. When Molly wants to cycle her bike under her own steam she can, but when she tires or the road gets busy I can hook her up to the Followme (which sits on the back of my bike) and she follows me, in fine and frolicking tandem fashion.