Here’s another batch of pictures from our summer’s cycling jaunt. See last post (Three countries, seas of dykes, waves of windmills) to see where I am and why!

Dutch dykes, British bikes

Green dykes, green sheep!

Green dags, green heads, green herds.

We're up here on the bike road and not down there on the car road.

Riding a wind-blown, sea-splashed dyke near Den Helder.

A dyke and a light and a bike - Den Helder

Molly on board the ferry to Vlieland.

Aboard and be-hatted. That's not Gary, by the way, but a friendly Dutch passenger who told Molly that the Dutch translation for binoculars are 'Far Lookers'.

The long and rickety jetty onto the sandy island of Vlieland.

It's a steep push up...

It's a steep push up...

...and a long way along.

Bikes make good washing lines.

More camping. More washing drying.

Molly on strike.

Canal-side camping beside a very busy up-and-down bridge.

Another up-and-down bridge in an up-and-down sideways world.

Have windmill, will camp.

More camping. More and more bags of bags.

More windfarms.

The wind's coming from this way and we're going that way!

Fresh off another ferry.

Molly treading cautiously along a German bike path that doubles as the sheep's toilet.

Tucking into a pile of sticky freebies from a kindly? German baker.

Sleeping bagged and content within tent.