The third bus is born (see comments on last post ‘Just say no to school and yes to sunny cycles to the sea’ to see why it’s a bus) – otherwise known as little Jack Frank Appleton, a young apprentice for Gary (the builder).

And here he is - third in line to the throne of the Circe tandem. I thought it best to give young Jack (age 2 days) a test on board the elongated mount to see how he will shape up on the school run.

I was going to write more but time is limited to mere seconds on the computer these days. Nappies need changing, babies need feeding (I hear the cry) – ditto girls and builders. The feeding bit that is. Will update this space soon…

Still on a baby front theme how's this for the Range Rover-loving family who wants a Range Rover-style four-wheel-drive pram for their newborn? (Spotted by my brother, a motorcyclist, at Goodwood's Festival of Speed). I think I'll stick with my three-wheel-drive Nihola Gay trike (picture to follow - once I've changed the next the next nappy and returned from the next school run).